Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Art Auction for Adoption!

I have been stewing on something for a long time, and then a comment from a friend today brought everything together for me.  I want to do an art show to raise money for our adoption. But beyond that, I want to do this annually to raise money for adoption, mother care, and orphan care in the future.  I need help to do this. I am going to make a list of the needs we have and if you can help, know someone who can help, or can spread the word, please do!

1. We need art!!  If you have adopted, are adopted, are in the process of adopting please donate some art!  I would love for the bulk of the art to be from children who have been adopted.  But I would also love for siblings and some parents to contribute.  If you are an adult adoptee, I would love your contribution as well.  Any kind of art-sculpture, paintings,wood work, poems, etc.  If you are in Birmingham I can pick it up.  But we will be happy to include art from anywhere!  We just want your art!  We can't have an art auction without art.

2. We need a venue!!  Do you have space or know of someone who does who might generously donate some art for a night or even a weekend?  We can't have an art auction without a place to have it.

3. We need help spreading the word!! Can you tell your family, friends, and share on social media sites asking for help?  We can't have an art auction if no one knows about it!

V turns 5 in July. So we need to hurry with this.  I am hoping to do this in June sometime.   So let's get to creating and sharing!

I would LOVE for this to be a yearly event to help other families, mothers, and orphans.  I hope so much this turns into something BIG!!

Note-the art can be adoption related but totally doesn't have to be!

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  1. Good luck! I will spread the word.

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