Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birthday Blitz!!!

First off, I wanted to congratulate Jennifer Doloski on winning the Vitamix/Blendtec giveaway!!! I will email you on facebook to figure out which one you want and get it shipped to you today! Thank you so much to everyone that entered!!!

And now for my birthday wish. Today is Wednesday May 9. I turn 33 on Saturday May 12. For my birthday I am asking everyone who sees this to consider being a part of our 6 dollars for our 6th child project. Several people have already contributed and I thank you. We still have a long way to go right now.

I am amazed, humbled, and grateful to my core with each donation. And I was just thinking about how much change people can really affect, even with simple actions. I thought about the fact that I have 499 friends on facebook. If everyone of them gave just 6 dollars that would equal almost 3000 dollars. If they shared it and just 2 of each of their friends donated 6 dollars that would be almost 6000 dollars. Right there would be almost 9000 dollars. All by small 6 dollar donations and spreading the word. *I am not saying I expect all my facebook friends to donate to us, it is just an example.*

So for my birthday I am asking for a birthday blitz. FOr people to be a part of our 6 for our 6th and to spread the word on facebook, twitter, pinterest, church, work, the playground. everywhere. Please tell the world about V.

The real present will be bringing a little girl home from an orphanage where she sits and waits to her family who loves and longs for her. Thank you for considering being a part of this!

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  1. Congrats to Jennifer...and I hope this was a valuable fundraiser for you! I'm gonna keep sharing this every time I think of it. Praying you get to bring your beautiful little girl home with you soon!