Thursday, May 24, 2012


I am guessing that most of the people reading our blog know us in real life. So, you all probably know our newest family addition, Eva Marina. In case you are new here, EM came home from Eastern Europe where she lived in the orphanage with V, 3 months ago today.

Like V, EM was once known to people only as a picture on a blog. A blog begging people for their spare change and thoughts and prayers. I am sure people felt somewhat removed from a one dimensional photo of a child they have never met that was 1/2 way across the world. Much like they might feel looking at V's picture. There are so many children in need and I am sure seeing so many pictures is a bit overwhelming and it is so easy to just look away. To feel like you can't do anything to help. But you truly can make the biggest difference.

Let me tell you about Eva Marina. This is the first photo we saw-

We fell in love, but didn't know anything about her. What did she like to eat? What was her favorite game? We had no idea. And most likely, she didn't either. Because she hadn't had the chance to find out. What were her dreams? What did her laugh sound like?

This is Eva Marina now-

Her favorite foods are bananas and cabbage soup. macaroni and cheese is big too.

Her favorite game is playing "mama" with her sister and their baby dolls. Although playing olympic gymnast is a close second.

She loves to run, swing, and jump on the trampoline.

She is a complete goofball who loves to make other people laugh.

She LOVES music and books.

She loves to dance.

She thinks coloring is "awesome" as are hello kitty, playgrounds and ice cubes.

Bath time is her favorite time of day, she likes playing in the rain and at the "splash pad" park. But swears she hates being wet.

She loves to be held and sung to.

Her mix of English and Russian language is adorable.

Her laugh sounds like heaven.

And our lives would not be complete without her.

This is V (who happens to be one of EM's best friends)-

What does she like to eat? What is her favorite game? What are her dreams? I have no idea. But I desperately want to find out. We know her laugh sounds like heaven, but we long to hear her laughter here in our home.

One person can't help every child in need. But by donating just a few dollars and spreading the word, you can make a huge difference in the life of ONE child. V isn't just a picture. She is a real little girl who needs a home, a mommy and a daddy. And we need her. Please don't look away. Even if it is just a couple of dollars. Even if you just tell a couple of people, it helps change the world for one very special little girl. And that is an amazing thing indeed.

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