Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rolling Rolling Rolling

Well, things are moving.  We have started the paper chase.  This week we are still laying low because Eva Marina just had her surgery. We haven't been able to accomplish much.  BUT we did get our police and DHR clearances off. That takes forever so I am so glad to have that done.  We also have our medical appointments made for next week. My mother in law is baby sitting for me on Friday so I can go to the court house and the bank and try to get all the documents I need from them. Those papers are the biggest pain in the rear for some reason. I do not know why it is so hard to get statements just showing you have a mortgage and what the value of your home is.  But it is ridiculous.  So I dread that a little bit.  Hopefully I will be happily surprised at how easy it will be.

We also had a big surprise donation that moved our fund up a big chunk!  We also had several people who went out of their way to raise funds and donate to our girl.  I was overwhelmed in such a great way!  Fundraising has been...well...slow this time around.  I knew it would be.  How do you complete an adoption and immediately start fundraising again?  I imagine people are tapped out and a bit tired of us.  I promise I hate to be asking for help again.  If it weren't for our child there is no way I could be doing this. These donations really got me pumped and hopeful again.  So THANK YOU!!!  When I see people share our links it has the same effect.  I get all teary and covered up with gratitude.  We have some amazing people in our lives.

We have a few really great fundraisers coming up. I won't be doing any more giveaways after the blendtec/vitamix.  That hasn't been so successful.  I think we will about break even for the cost of the blender. I also added the donations for that into our thermostat and forgot we have to actually pay for the blendtec. I did that last time with the ipad. You would think I would learn. 

But I am so glad that things are moving forward. It really is overwhelming to be right back here a year later.  I can admit to struggling a bit this week with how much we have to do and how little time I have to do it.  But people are being so supportive and wonderful.  I know we had hard weeks last time and our daughter is sipping her tea in my kitchen with her sister and baby brother.  These hard weeks will be worth it. And I concretely know that this time.  I know just how very worth it this will all be.

That is my only update right now. I will be posting about some other events we have coming up soon.  Please keep sharing our story. The only way we have any hope of getting funding is for word to get out.  We have 2 possible news stories coming up but not for a couple months and we really only have 3 months before we hope to be traveling.  That is not much time!  So, thank you for every dollar, every prayer, every share.  Every single one makes a difference in the life of our daughter.  Thank you!


  1. Are you still thinking of doing that art auction? Because I was thinking of doing a few watercolors for it, if you like.

  2. caren, we are for sure!!! you can email me if you want to chat. are you local?