Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am sure you have heard that the paperwork in adoption is rather difficult. That would be the truth. Each country has different requirements. But no matter where you go, there is a lot of paperwork. Our country is very particular about the paperwork. It must be flawless. Pristine. I struggle with doing anything flawlessly!

The dossier is about 50 pages thick. Each page must be notarized and apostilled (state certified basically). I went with 5 kids yesterday to Montgomery to have most of our dossier apostilled. We are waiting on the certified copies of our police clearances, my police clearances in any form, and the home study. That is all. I wanted to get some of this off so that the team in EE can start translating.

I thought we were super close to being DONE with the paperwork. But, just like last time, every time I think we are about to be done, I find out we have to redo something. ARGH!!!

My notary literally pulled a muscle in her neck yesterday notarizing for me. I hate to have to ask her to redo anything!

But, just like last time, I know it will be done. And, at this point, sooner rather than later. And all the stress will be worth it. Today I am calling Montgomery to find out why my clearances haven't come back yet. Last time mine came back super fast and Dale's took almost two months. I don't want to not call and then find out that there was a mistake of some kind.

Then I will reprint, resign, renotarize, reapostille a bunch of forms and send them across the ocean. We are getting close now. I just have to keep my eyes forward and stay focused. This isn't about paperwork or awful trips to the state capital. It is about a beautiful little girl waiting for her family. Every day that she sits and waits is one more day too many. I am trying to get there as fast as I can, V. We are coming!

UPDATE-Montgomery says my clearances will be mailed out to us today and the home study agency is sending the social worker all of our information so she can schedule the home visits! We really are so close now! By the time she is done typing up the home study the dossier will be done and we can just mail it all to EE!! It really could be off in the next couple of weeks! Oh my goodness!!


  1. We had to redo a bunch of the papers 8 days before court, per the judge. Ron keeps reminding me all the aggravation will be worth it, and he's right. And all yours will be too!

  2. Just wanted to say that some art for the auction is in progress, and to hang in there!