Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art Sale!

Come to Art Night in Downtown Northport and purchase all types of art to support the Hogeland family's adoption! The art sale will be located in front of Ander's Hardware and Ander's Toy Store. Bring the kids for a make & take art activity! Tell all your friends.  We are really excited about this. It will be an awesome time!  WE are still accepting art donations.  Just comment below and I will let you know where to send the art. Thank you!!

There will also be some of the artwork posted on the Facebook event page that will be available for pre-sale and shipped to your home if you are unable to come to the sale. 

419 Main Avenue, Northport, Alabama 35476
When: From 5-9 on August 2nd

Check out the Facebook event page-Hogeland Adoption Art Sale 

WE STILL NEED ART!!!  IF YOU ARE ADOPTED, HAVE ADOPTED, ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT ADOPTION, HAVE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT ADOPTION-MAKE SOME ART!! We really want art from kids.  Please, please have your kids paint, sculpt, take a picture, seriously-anything. anything the kids make. splatter paint. a thumb print. a crooked photograph. On canvas, on cardboard, on a toothbrush.  ANYTHING. :) ANY KIND OF ART!!!

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  1. We are going to work on a project tomorrow for the sale. :} I just now read about it, sorry if it is last minute.