Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christmas in July!

We are selling Christmas ornaments to help a friend bring their boy home!  We sold them last year and they were a huge hit! Last year we did silver balls with the Positivity logo and this year's will be white balls with the Positivity logo! The ornaments are shatterproof and they are hand painted with love! There are 4 backgrounds-shiny, matte, sparkly, and slightly different sparkly!

Ornaments are $10 a piece. Shipping will be $5 for those that live out of state.  Your payment, through the chip in, is tax deductible.  YOU HAVE TO LEAVE A NOTE THAT TELLS ME YOU ARE PAYING FOR X NUMBER OF ORNAMENTS AND WHERE TO SHIP THEM.  When you click on the chip in, there is a place to write a note.  

Every time you look at your tree you will know you helped bring a very special little girl home to her family.  AND THAT IS IN THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! 

The team here at Positivity had a very different vision for these ornaments.  My husband, an artist, wanted them PERFECT. He wanted a stencil so they would all be just alike, have neat edges and very straight lines.  In my mind they were each a little different, rough around the edges, not perfectly symmetrical, but still BEAUTIFUL.  The kids we are reaching with Positivity are individuals.  These kids may be seen as a little rough around the edges.  But they are so beautiful and so deserving.  They are viewed as "imperfect", but they are perfect just the way they are.  And adoption is messy.  It isn't always straight lines and it looks different for every family.  

Guess who won?  Each of these ornaments is hand painted without a stencil or a pattern.  They are straight from our heart to yours.  Like the children they will help to bring home, they are not cookie cutter, but they are just as they are supposed to be.  We hope you love them and that they bring another level of meaning and joy to your Christmas!

Last year's ornament-


  1. Awww...crap. Paypal didn't come up with the "note to seller" option when I paid for the ornament. I will email you my paypal receipt so you know which one is mine. We like bright shiny sparkly things around here, so just make one for our tree that'll stand out in the crowd of ornaments on our tree :)

  2. Can I help decorate some for those who want an ornament with more of a winter theme who don't celebrate Christmas. Hint, hint... one I can buy? :)