Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yard Sale Success???

There are question marks after success for a reason. The yard sale definitely WAS a success. The question is-"how was it a success?". Let me explain...

Last year our yard sale made 2 grand. How insane is that? I know. So, we were not expecting to repeat that. But we were HOPING that we might get 1/2 that. I was reaching for One thousand, but then also setting a lower goal of at least $800.

We put an ad in the paper. Put it on Facebook. Put it on Craiglist. Blogged about it. We begged for donations and shoppers. Well, we got donations. Lots of awesome stuff came in! We are very very grateful for the donations. You can not have a yard sale without stuff to sell!

What we were missing was shoppers. We started out strong. Before 7 we had shoppers. We made $165 dollars in the first hour!!! This was going GREAT!!! Then by 8:30 we were done. Empty. Tumble weeds. No cars.

We had girls in sesame street costumes dancing by the street holding signs and still no one came. TONS of traffic drove by. But no one stopped.

But we were having fun. We were sitting in the air conditioning laughing, talking, eating dehydrated watermelon (you have to try this), and being silly. We had a really good time.

And I would say, total, about 15 people showed up. I knew probably 11 of them. I am very grateful for those that came. You really, truly, kept me from having a come apart. And you kept me laughing and smiling.

They also helped us pack up. At 11:30 we decided to call it quits. And we had a TON of stuff to repack and load up to haul off. Thankfully people stayed to help us. We are also extremely grateful for that. I do not know what we would have done without the help!

So, then I sit down to count the money. I am thinking MAYBE 250 dollars. Then take out the money for the ad, and all the gas it took to haul everything to and from. Maybe we would come out a little over 200 bucks.

Except that I counted to almost 400. And then we were given a check for 200!!!! I want to say who gave it but don't know if I should, so I will wait. So that put us at almost 600. Then my friend reminded me that some people had "ordered" stuff that will be paid through the chip in. That was just over $100 worth of stuff.

That puts our yard sale total at $700!!!!! WHAT???? How did that happen. Where did that money come from??? I have no idea. No clue. At all. But we are so incredibly thankful. I know I say that a lot. But we truly are. Grateful.

And we got a $250 dollar donation totally unrelated to the garage sale, but since it came in on garage sale day, I am counting it. That would put our total today at $950. I know that is cheating, but I am OK with it. :)

We are also going to be pulling all this stuff out in 3 weeks and having another sale at a different location. So, stay tuned. I'll update you on that ASAP!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated items, shared our links, told their friends, helped set up, helped at the sale, shopped at the sale, baked something, helped us pull it all down, and wished us well. We are grateful. We are much closer today than we were yesterday. And I can see the finish line up ahead. Please don't get tired of us now. WE ARE SO CLOSE!!! Thank you! We love you guys!


  1. Unexpected blessings. :) You deserve them!

  2. Kate! That is awesome!! So happy for you!!!

    Song is painting for you RIGHT NOW!! We'll be sending some things soon...

  3. God is good & He multiplies things where we can't fathom how that worked out.

    So awesome that today turned out to be a success after all! I pray that when you do another yard sale in a few weeks, THAT will be when God moves on people to turn out in droves & buy up everything you have to offer! :D

  4. I am sorry sorry we didn't make it out today- I will be on the lookout for info about the next sale so I can make that one! congratulations!

  5. Yard sales are so hit and miss! Glad you almost made your desired amount. Praying for the rest of your funds to come in soon and your daughter home soon too!