Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Referral!! day 4

We have the referral for V in our hands!!!  This is an awesome step to have done. This means that we are now matched to her. Of course, she is not our child until the judge says "yes", but this means no one else will get a referral for her! HUGE relief.  I mean, look how precious she is. How could you not want to get on a plane and scoop her up??

This was such an amazing feeling after the pain of not seeing her face last time.  I can not express how surreal and yet so right it is to be here.  To have our referral for her and to be on our way to get her!

Dale and I didn't get out today much more than going to pick up the referral.  We are having Serious stomach issues this trip for some reason. PAIN!!!  We layed in bed close to the bathroom a lot. Luckily we are over here with a chiropractor and his wife so they had some stuff to help.  Hoping we are feeling better soon.

Really hoping we are feeling better before we get on our 8 hour train ride!!  I love the train, but really don't want to be having stomach issues on it!

I got to skype with the kids yesterday, which is bittersweet. It was soooo nice to see their faces.  But it was clearly hard on Seamus and Aine.  Hoping I can skype with them again soon. It gets a bit easier on them. At least it did last time.

We will arrive early in V's region and then about 9 am here we will go meet the social worker.  She will ride with us to the orphanage to meet V and accept the referral.  I wish we could skip this step since we know we accept the referral.  But we are so close now!!!!

I am giddy!  I wonder if she will remember us. I can't wait to see her face when she realizes it is HER turn.  Her mommy and daddy are here to bring her HOME!!!!   It is going to be a long night!!!

Eva Marina's adoption day 4

ps-I will be taking my blog private tomorrow for a couple of weeks.  So, check back if you can't get in!