Monday, September 24, 2012

court date!!! day 31

Got a call about 10:30 this morning that court will be at 3:15. Yay!!! So relived to finally have a time and official court appointment.  Nervous and hoping it goes well.

Also, complicating things (cause nothing can be simple) is that I have to be at the airport at 5.  My plane takes of at 6:20.  Last time, the judge was over 30 minutes late, and then court was over an hour. So, that would be bad. Hoping it goes quickly as well as smoothly and we can get to the airport on time.

We had to cancel our free taxi from the hotel to the airport because it only runs till 4.  Nothing can be simple,and nothing can be cheap either. 

I don't know if the hotel in Kiev has wifi.  I will update when I can, but it may not be till I am home. I am scheduled to land at 4:47 on Tuesday afternoon in Birmingham.  If you are counting (ME! ME!  I'm counting!!) that will be 32 days for our first trip.  Most adoptions in U, from start to finish, including the 10 day wait are 31 days. So, if we were average, we would have been totally and completely done today.  We still have at least 3 weeks before we are done.

Of all the things I have ever been, I never have been average, I suppose.

Anyway, thoughts, prayer, nudity appreciated.  My terror of flying is not any less, so there is that too.  Can't wait to update from HOME.  Love you guys!

p.s. I don't want to sound negative. Super happy to be here at last. But nervous and will be so relieved when court is over, when I am on that plane,and then when I am home!!!! :)

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  1. Whooooo hoooooo Kate! I will have everything crossed that court goes quickly and smoothly and the travel Gods are with you. :) Haly