Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2 week update

We have been home 2.5 weeks!  That is sort of crazy, but at the same time it feels like going to Ukraine never really happened. Like that was all some weird dream.

At 2.5 weeks in Ukraine I felt like I was going to go out of my mind.  I can only imagine Darcy must be starting to feel the same way.  But she is holding up really well. Eva had sort of buried her feelings until about this point,but Darcy has been experiencing some fear and grief along the way.  I am glad, even though that is hard.

Again, I am so thankful for learning as much Russian as we have. I have only had to use google translate once so far. I really do think that makes a huge difference in the adjustment.  I imagine being able to communicate your needs and feelings makes a world of difference.

Her language is picking up quickly.  She has several English words and phrases.  We are also at the stage where we speak to her in English mostly and she answers in Russian. But she understands us. We also, often, say things in both languages.  But she is picking new words up everyday!

Darcy started dance with Eva and Aine last week.  We had not planned on her starting so early, but she really wanted to.  Darcy followed along amazingly!  They all did great. Eva is like a different kid in that class-so calm, so attentive.

Darcy went to the dentist yesterday and we are trying to figure out how to pull off her oral surgery.  Our expensive insurance doesn't cover anesthesia for oral surgery.  We had Eva's done  because we piggybacked it on her tonsil surgery.  Darcy's tonsils and adenoids are in great shape so she does not need that surgery.  It could be done in the office in several visits, but it will be much harder on her that way. It really makes me angry considering what we pay for insurance every month.  And it makes no sense.  Why would someone not need anesthesia for oral surgery?

The other kids are doing well. Eva has regressed a bit. The girls love seeing each other again, but I think it has brought a lot back up for Eva.  She is remembering more and talking a lot about Ukraine more.

I am holding up pretty well.  The first weeks (months..years?) are just hard.  You know this going in, but it doesn't make it easier. The transition is a huge adjustment for everyone. But we are riding the waves well so far.  Just trying to get to know each other, help Darcy learn her new routine, and get our balance back. Each day forward is a gift.  I still can't believe both girls are home.  Who knew that just living each day would be such an adventure?

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  1. Praying for the balance and new "normal" to come swiftly and with His perfect timing and grace! Keep up the great work. It sounds as if Darcy is adapting very well and even though Eva may be regressing a little I am confident this is helping Darcy and both will benefit in the long run.