Friday, October 5, 2012

HERE!!! trip 2/days 1-3

So sorry it has taken so long to blog. We are here!!!  We left my house Wednesday morning at 7:00.  Our first flight was great and we got to Chicago no problem. Then our second flight was delayed.  And delayed again. And delayed again.  No way to get our connecting. In fact, the man's exact words were "you are screwed."  He pulled us off that flight and told us to go try to book through somewhere else.

The ONLY option we had was waiting for what would equal an 11 hour layover and to take Turkish Air to Istanbul.  Now, Istanbul sounds like somewhere I want to visit.  But, I had our travel agent (Eldon Wagler at Golden Rule, you should use him) look up safety records once and theirs was not at the top.  I panicked. Truly. There were tears.   But, what can you do?  We booked the flights.

And, it turns out, Turkish Air Rocks. Loved it.

 So we got to Odessa  a little later on Thursday than planned, but not by much.

Today, Friday, we started early.  We drove back to DV's birth region and got her birth certificate.  This was much less eventful than last time. No snow, no breakdowns.  Just a 2.5 hour drive to her city, some running around, and a 2.5 hour drive back.  Best part-I love love love seeing my name and Dale's name as parents of Darcy Violetta Hogeland.  She is officially our daughter!!! Overwhelming.

Then we had to go to the orphanage to pick DV up to get her passport done.  We made it by seconds.  But it is officially applied for. This is awesome!! I was so worried we wouldn't make it and we would have to wait until Monday.  But it is done!  We got her visa pictures done as well.

It was so wonderful to see her again after the wait.  She gave me a big hug, but was clearly confused and nervous about the crazy running around.  I am sure it was a lot to take in.

Tomorrow I will go to the orphanage and visit and we just wait for that passport.  That passport is our ticket to Kiev, which is our way home.

I am absolutely beyond exhausted and have to sleep pronto.  Just want to make sure to thank all the people at home taking care of my kiddos.  Things seem to be going very well.  That is such a huge relief I can not even tell you.

Will update and post pics soon!  Love you guys!

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  1. Congratulations! So happy for you all. Hope everything continues to runny smoothly and you all are home soon.