Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jet Lag, You Beast

I am up blogging at 4 in the morning after laying in bed for 2 hours hoping I would fall back to sleep.  Jet lag on the way home is so much worse for some reason.  I can't wait till my system figures it out, cause mama is tired.

Things are going really well.  Darcy is such a trooper.  She clearly loves being home with the family she has heard so much about.  Watching Seamus and Darcy together is so much fun.  Kids are separated by age at the orphanage so they don't get to interact with smaller/bigger children much.  Eva was a bit skittish of Seamus at first, but Darcy was instantly in love!

On the other hand, Eva got used to the dogs really quickly, but Darcy is still quite scared of them.  They are not even interested in her, so hopefully she will realize if she ignores them, they will ignore her.  Maybe eventually she will even realize that if she pets them or feeds them, they will love her!

It is fascinating doing this again with another child.  Every child is so different, so every adoption experience will be so different.  We have done this once before, and yet, this is our first time.  In some ways I think our adjustment will be much easier, and in some ways harder.

Darcy did have a fever night before last and we have to get her meds situation worked out so the doc is going to fit her in for labs today or tomorrow. This is good news. That also means that her appointment next week will be shorter.

Another thing making my brain spin is the language. I am speaking Russian to people who speak English and can't remember who speaks what. It is quite entertaining.  I start talking about something in front of one of the kids forgetting they know what I am saying.  Did not mean to mention the chocolate donuts in front of Connor. 

Already Darcy says a few English phrases and understands a few more.  She thinks "open it please" means about 20 different things, which is adorable.  And "help" is "klep".  Love it.

Now I am going to drink tons of coffee, hope my digestive system decides it wants to participate today, and wait for the sun to come up.  Can't wait to start our 3rd day as a family of 8!!!

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  1. Jet lag is the worst! It helps to be outside as much as possible to expose yourself to natural daylight. Fingers crossed it passes quickly. I love reading your blog posts. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey.