Monday, October 22, 2012

Testing Testing 123

The girls went to the PID (pediatric infectious disease) today.  Eva just went for a check up.  Everything is looking good with her. The doc did say she would look into some options for the lack of toilet training.  And the amount she pees at night is just mind boggling.  They are testing her for diabetes (again) and a UTI (again).  I am gonna go ahead and call FAS (seems like a fairly common issue for kids with FAS). It will just take time.  But, I am glad we are looking at options.

Darcy was the star at today's appointment since this was her first one. The good news is that her CD4 count is excellent.  Really really good.  The bad news is that the virus is not totally suppressed.  I strongly suspected that, but was hoping I was wrong.  But, again, it is not so bad.  Apparently, one of her meds is one that is no longer really used in the US because people tend to build resistance easily.  That is what it looks like has happened.  Her viral load is about 1000.  The doc said they want it below 20.  But, she said for people who are not being treated it is about 50,000. She was certain we would have it down in the next month or so.

They tested for drug resistance today and we should have the results in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime they are keeping her on the same drugs, just adjusting for weight and putting it in liquid form.  She will be very happy about not chewing pills anymore.  She looks super jealous of Eva's liquids.

We were so hoping she would not get any sticks today, but it was not so.  They also did a TB test.  I don't know why because she has had the TB vaccine. The test will be positive and then we will do a chest xray. I don't know why we couldn't save the stick and just do the x-ray, but it is done now.

Darcy has to go back in a month to get checked again. She also goes to the ENT this week.  Next week she goes to the dentist. This is a biggie. Her mouth is like Eva's was. It is a mess.  I know it must hurt.

Things at home are going well.  She is definitely showing that she is grieving and stressed, but she is handling it all amazingly.  I am in awe.

Will try to keep you posted on everything.  Right now I have 6 kids to get in bed! Sorry my blog posts are short and crazy right now!

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  1. Maybe her teeth are why she felt the milkshake and then turned it down, maybe the cold would hurt them? I hope seeing the dentist takes away her pain and makes her much more comfortable!