Saturday, November 3, 2012

Americans are crazy

Coming home at the end of February was probably not so weird.  Coming home in mid October must feel like stepping into crazy land.  We are big Halloween people here at the Hogeland house. So we began decorating right after I got home.  Big Black spider webs, skeletons, Jack-O-lantern cut outs.

We took all the kids to Boo at the Zoo, which is a fun event that our kids go to every year.  It involves games, trick or treating, a spooky train ride, and lots of cool spooky things to look at. 

A few days later we took the kids trick or treating.  It was hilarious how fast Darcy caught on.  By the third house she was racing to the front door, yelling, "TRICK OR TREAT!!!".   Have I mentioned how much she loves chocolate?  Eva isn't a huge sweets person, but she loves dressing up.  They both really loved wearing their princess dresses (Darcy kept saying "kraisevaya youbka). 

Then two nights later we take them to the local Dia De Los Muertos festival to honor, celebrate, and remember the loved ones we have lost.  If you are unfamiliar you should totally google.  It is beautiful and meaningful and very different than what many Americans are used to. DDLM involves alters, lights, skeletons, beautifully painted skulls, dancing, food, music, friends,  tears, smiles, and fun.

I can't even imagine what it is like to come out of an orphanage and into this world.  She probably thinks we are crazy.

And, next up is Thanksgiving, followed closely by Christmas and New Years. We also have 3 birthdays in this season as well.  She is going to think we party all the time.  And then she is going to wonder why all the partying stopped!  Or, maybe, she will be happy it all settles down. 

It will be an awesome and fascinating holiday season for sure!  Can't wait to watch the newbies take it all in!

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  1. Um, you do party all the time, don't you? With that many people, everyday is a party! (As it should be!!) :-)