Thursday, January 16, 2014

honesty part 2

While I am being honest, I was just scrolling through my blog because I realized today is the 2 year anniversary of getting our official referral for Eva Marina. Which is just flat insanity.  How it has been 2 years is beyond my comprehension. But, I was scrolling through my blog looking at all my posts about homeschooling and I laughed out loud.  Um, we haven't been doing all that.

We started back to school, and we were doing all that, and it was all good, and then.... we had a baby.

We took a month off and since we started back we have been doing (steady yourself, this is a looong list)

In my defense, we are also doing meditation and yoga.  I should post about that because it is awesome. Also in my defense, we school year round, so we have a lot of leeway here. We are not even behind, and we will catch back up to where I want to be by this time next year.

We do history here and there and some science. We are also reading, reading reading.  The Chocolate Touch, Ramona Quimby books, The Indian and the Cupboard, Charlotte's Web, etc. etc.

But, I am nowhere near back to the kind of schedule I posted about in the summer, and I am guessing I won't be until fall. 

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  1. We stopped school when I had a baby too (October, like you), and we only just started this month in January!! :/ Our list is incredibly long too: 1) Reading. That is all. Serious guilt over it, but it's about all I can manage, STILL, even with a baby who isn't that difficult! You're doing more, and with more challenges, but even so this post makes me feel better! :)